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BreepBroop status!
« on: April 30, 2012, 01:43:16 PM »
So since there's not much going on in the forums, I just thought I'd post up a little of what I did this weekend.

So, Breepbroop has been a very standard Sells for some time, standard to the point of, no feet, so i have to stand it up on stupid rubber sticky feet. I printed out a set of feet for it a while ago, and just needed to get them on there. I also had replaced the X axis belting and pulley with manufactured stuff, and a MXL belt, which worked really well. So, I decided to try and do the same on the Y axis.

This weekend I tore down the whole thing, made a big mess and put it all back together. I have a couple pix:

This is the RepRap in it's torn apart stage.. i had to remove quite a bit of frame to get the vertexes out, but once they were out it wasn't that bad to install the new ones and square everything back up. At the same time, i replaced the pulley and belt on the Y axis, and that went swimmingly. I also realigned the rods on the Y so they were better set.
(First Image.jpg)

After installing the new bits, I reassembled it, squared up all the bits and pieces, and did some movement tests, leveled the bed, added a sheet of glass, set the Z switch to stop around where it should on the glass without breaking it, and then ran some test prints off. It worked well!
(Second Image.jpg)

So, it's mostly back up and working. My filament has gotten damp it seems, as i have problems with a bit of ooze here and there, but for the most part it's running smoothly. I installed Marlin onto the machine to get the lookahead speedups, and had to lower the XY_JERK value from 25mm/s to 15mm/s, though I may attempt to raise it again. I had to do this because of issues where steps were lost due to it trying to change direction too fast. I also lowered the max feedrate from 500mm/s to 120mm/s, since my machine can't go that fast and it appears due to a bug or otherwise, the Gcode was trying to make it zip from one side of the object to the other, and that made it skip a lot of steps.

I printed out several objects last night, and the holes actually seem to be the correct sizes now, so the parts made should be mechanically correct.
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Re: BreepBroop status!
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2012, 03:51:57 PM »
woah, look at that 300kb+ jpeg!
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