Author Topic: Delta Maker Octo-Print Debugging  (Read 829 times)


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Delta Maker Octo-Print Debugging
« on: July 15, 2015, 05:36:53 AM »
So Circuit(Mike Payne), diO(Dustin Johnson), and I (Nerth(Nate Jennings)), were able to do some interesting hacks to get into the DeltaMaker RPi Firmware.

This Blog is to document the steps taken, and offer a reference those in the future who lose the log in info for the octoprint!


1) remove SD card, insert into Linux box.
2) mount the boot partition (smallest size partition from a 'lsblk -l')
3) 'cd /mount/point'
4) 'nano cmdline.txt'
5) add 'init=/bin/s' to the end of the line
This is a loophole for the RPi, we can now run 'passwd' for the root user, then plug in the ethernet and poweroff.
6) unmount, and place SD back into RPi
7) the RPi will boot into a sh, run passwd to change root passwd (we changed to #$familab#$)
8 ) poweroff
9) put the SD back into the RPi
10) mount the boot, and remove the init part of the cmdline.txt
11) return SD to RPi, start up.
12) ssh into the RPi, the HDMI will out put the IP (currently
13) 'cd /home/pi/.octoprint/'
14)  mv the users.yaml 'mv users.yaml ../'
15) 'nano config.yaml'
16) on line 115, change the server:first run: to true.
17) poweroff and on
18) wait about 15 min, then try to log in to the web console (
19) you will see a prompt to set the access control
20) PRINT!!

Current settings:

user(RPi): pi
pass: #$familab#$
user(RPi): root
pass: #$familab#$

user(octoprint web UI): admin
pass: #$familab#$

Bare with me, its like 5 am, and I don't want to add screen shots till after work :)