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Board Meeting - Officer Changes
« on: April 13, 2017, 12:18:14 AM »
Hello Everyone!
As many of you know, we held elections for our Board Members during the annual meeting a few weeks ago. FamiLAB would like to congratulate David Smith and Daniel Chateau as our newly elected and returning directors.

With that, some roles needed to be shifted, and as per our bylaws, we do not elect for positions, but spots on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors then internally decides among themselves who they feel on the team is best suited for each position. No one position has any more power than the others; they are all titles that just help to more clearly define roles and responsibilities of each member.

As a board, we have voted to make the following changes to the structure of the Board of Directors.

President:              Michael King
Vice President:      David Smith
Secretary:              Daniel Chateau
Treasurer:             Jamie Szafran
Director:             Lance Hudson
Director:                Mike Bakula
Director:             John Lamp

These roles were all previously defined (see this list:, but will be redefined at the next board meeting in order to best fit the needs of our group and to support the ongoing mission of FamiLAB.

Thank you all and I hope to have a productive and awesome next year here at FamiLAB!

Michael King,FamiLAB President