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Board Meeting Officer Changes
« on: August 12, 2014, 09:57:40 AM »
Good Morning Everyone!

As many of you know, we held elections for our Board Members during the annual meeting a few weeks ago. FamiLAB would like to congratulate both John Lamp and Lance Hudson as our newly elected directors. We also had Willa Riggins decide to step down as FamiLAB President and resign her position on the board to focus on her new baby (Yay Famibaby?) after her dedicated and amazing service of more than two years - She will still be attending the lab and making and doing awesome things.

With that, some roles needed to be shifted, and as per our bylaws, we do not elect for positions, but spots on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors then internally decides among themselves who they feel on the team is best suited for each position. No one position has any more power than the others; they are all titles that just help to more clearly define roles and responsibilities of each member.

As a board, we have voted to make the following changes to the structure of the Board of Directors.

President:      Michael King
Vice President: Lance Hudson
Secretary:      Matt Armstrong
Treasurer:      Jamie Szafran
Facilities:     David Sikes
Communications: John Lamp
Director:       Conner Brooks

These roles were all previously defined, but re-defined on Sunday night at the board meeting at the lab in order to best fit the needs of our group and to support the ongoing mission of FamiLAB. Below is our first-draft list of each board member's responsibilities - These are sure to shuffle a bit as we move forward and are able to fully recognize the talents and strengths of our newest elected members. This list is supposed to be a "Do or Delegate" task list, not that each board member is personally required to see each task to their full extent.

Front Face of the lab
High Level Communication
Facilitating Meetings
Accountability and Reminders
Legal Signatory
Mission and Direction
Trello Management
Backup Treasurer Access

Vice President
Future Planning (Physical)
Landlord Liaison
Conflict Management / HR
Accountability and Reminders
Utility Maintenance
Point of Contact - Corporate
Maker Faire Liaison
Credential Management

Money Management
Report Generation and Management
PayPal Administration
Taxes / IRS

Physical Mail Response (USPS)
Corporate Filing Documents
Meeting Minutes
Member Voting
Member Paperwork
Official Social Event Planning
Google Apps Administration

Tool Maintenance
Consumable Supplies
Lab Cleaning
Member Access / Door Access
Non-Monetary Donation Control
Facilities Maintenance
Waste Management
Lab IT
Equipment Certification

Membership / Communication
Email Front Line
Global Hackerspaces List
Outreach Events
Class Coordination
Volunteer Wrangling
Social Media
Onboarding Development
Conflict Management / HR
Website Administration
Forums Administration
Wiki Administration

To see the full meeting minutes recorded from this board meeting, please visit the Google Docs link below.

Thank you all and I hope to have a productive and awesome next year here at FamiLAB!

Michael King,
FamiLAB President