Author Topic: Free Solidworks Sales Demo Oct. 4th  (Read 1138 times)


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Free Solidworks Sales Demo Oct. 4th
« on: September 17, 2012, 04:06:26 PM »
This is a unabashed sales demo.  I went to it last year and learned a few good pointers about Solidworks.  Everyone got a T shirt and they had prizes (some pretty good) for regurging some of the points which were presented in the presentation.  Oh, and you get lunch too.  They do not exert any pressure to buy there.  I believe it will be at the Science Center.  Here is part of the blurb they sent me  (and asked that I forward it to anyone who might be interested).
Join ModernTech for a FREE ?What?s New in SolidWorks 2013? launch event in your area. Come to a SolidWorks 2013 seminar and see powerful new products and features that make your design process even more productive:
  Orlando[/t][/t]  October 4, 9am-2pm
The signup website is
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