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Upcoming changes to lab access
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:46:43 PM »

Hi, everyone!

Friendly neighborhood treasurer here. Welcome to the new space! I hope everyone's enjoying using the new lab as much as I am. :)

With that said, in the new lab we're redoing our card access, making a new system that will also provide access control for the laser and HAAS and which can be easily edited for member management. For now, the side door is on the old door system, so your RFID cards still work there (thanks, Ted!). We're slowly moving the front door over to the beta version of the new system (yay, incremental development!). In the new system, we're going to tie card access to the treasury, like many other hackerspaces our size do, so that anyone whose payments go delinquent for a certain amount of time or who cancels has their card deactivated. In the next version of the door, we'll be reissuing everyone new (and sexier!) NFC cards.

"But what about me? I don't use PayPal!" Don't worry, my check-paying/special-arrangement friends, I know who you all are and I have you in the interim/beta database.

"What if I can't pay my lab dues because [xyz]?" Come see me. We've had special arrangements for members in the past and I have no problem talking it over and coming up with a good solution - the last thing I want is to see members leave us for lack of funds!

"So my PayPal account is delinquent/disabled/canceled/etc..." That's okay. PayPal has had glitches in the past and I'm now catching up to them. I'll be sending you an email if I see that your account got canceled and we'll get you set right back up.

"I owe you money from my PayPal account being canceled..." While there are members who've decided to pay towards owed balances, I'm offering amnesty to everyone and clearing all the outstanding balances in PayPal.

"Can I still use my hand/phone/chipped appendage?" Sure!

"This sucks and it's all stupid." Come see me or another board member and we'll yap it over.

Comments, concerns, questions, hit us up, by forums, emails to board@, jamie@, or treasurer@, or come nag us in person at the lab.

-Jamie -(-*
Treasuer, FamiLAB
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