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Behavior Bank (Contact Form Submission)
« on: November 04, 2013, 06:39:26 PM »
This came in from Ryan on the contact form. I've invited him to take part in the discussion, too:

I am a recent graduate of the Applied Behavior Analysis program at the Florida Institute of Technology.  During my time working as a lab manager of the FIT Learning Lab in Orlando, FL I became interested in a project first attempted in the 1970s called the ?Behavior Bank.?  The idea was that anything that you could define and objectively measure of a human?s behavior could be collected as a frequency measure and plotted on a logarithmic chart known as the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC).  Each behavior tracked, measured and plotted on the SCC was ?deposited? into the behavior bank. For each deposit you were then allowed to ?withdraw? a question.  The database could look at the most effective treatments for learning, certain behavioral and psychological problems/disorders, analyze the effectiveness of the SCC (which has data from the original Behavior Bank showing it is a promising tool for plotting and predicting behavioral trends), and many other things (e.g., crime stats/trends, agricultural stats/trends).  Simply put, the idea was to create a database that would allow anyone to predict trends and identify useful tools and interventions that would improve peoples? lives, and alleviated human problems and suffering.  The only problem was that the idea was attempted far ahead of its time, as computers were not ready for big data.

Now that we have the computer technology to handle big data like this, I?d like to form a collaborative effort to revive the Behavior Bank.  It would begin with volunteers, and so would not involve personal monetary gain.  It is intended to be an open-source project.  It may transition into a more large-scale non-profit or for-profit organization later on.  What I can offer now is recognition for the help people do provide, via the conference posters and presentation I complete on this project (I?m averaging 3 per year on this idea currently), and a letter verifying what the volunteer has completed toward the Behavior Bank.  Of course, because it would be open-source, you could bring it with you as your career advances.  What we (project members and supporters are listed below) have to offer is the expertise of influencing and creating contingencies that drive folks to reach their goals for changing their own behavior.  In addition, we are knowledgeable on some of the necessary relations to include throughout the project and the necessary theoretical, philosophical and conceptual roots to help move the project towards the aforementioned goals.

We have studied the principles of behavior and believe that we could create the conditions to motivate people to start using the Behavior Bank, but we are not able to create the database necessary for such an endeavor.  If you can help us in some way, then I?d love to meet/talk with you individually (I live in the Orlando area).  Once we have found everyone that would like to help we would find a time for everyone to meet (likely online via Google Hangout or Adobe Connect) to identify objectives and a timeline for completing those objectives.  If you are interested, then please call me at 775-482-4112 or email me at

Also ? If you would like to see more about the idea and what we have compiled already you can click HERE and download presentations and posters completed for behavior analytic conferences.  In addition you can review the attached PDF titled ProjectOutline_BehaviorBankV2.0.  I would be happy to chat more about the project.  Feel free to contact me anytime at 775-48-4112.

The current development team includes:

Ryan O?Donnell, M.S., BCBA ? Behavior Scientist

Mark Malady, M.S., BCBA ? Behavior Scientist

Scott Miller, M.S., BCBA ? Behavior Scientist

Thank you for your time!


Ryan O?Donnell

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Re: Behavior Bank (Contact Form Submission)
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2013, 08:57:28 PM »
Ryan, It sounds great, not sure how much I can help. Can we get links to the PDF and what you already have complied?
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