Author Topic: Diffusion pump and project announcements. Deep vacuum applications :D  (Read 766 times)


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sup homies? got a few projects comming up: rf reactive sputter coating, electron microscopy, e-beam lithography, uv maskless lithography and more.

Right now I'm looking for a few folks to help me with the pluming of this diffusion pump I got. If anyone watches ben krasnows videos (you all should) you can get a feel for roughing and then deep vac pluming required. Ive been looking at things on ebay after taking measurements, but I think I might just have to diy most of it.

gotta connect a roughing pump to that bottom thingie there, and then have it also go to the thing on the right of the T:

then have the thing on the right of the T go to the chamber, with valves in between the roughing and DP exhaust and the T. I'm trying to use the fugiskiki valve as the main butterfly valve and close the top port there.

if anyone has any spare flanges, fittings, piping etc... that they want to kick down, or has some bitchin sweet welding skills, hmu!!