Author Topic: Urgent need of opinions regarding 5-axis technology  (Read 748 times)


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Urgent need of opinions regarding 5-axis technology
« on: November 08, 2016, 12:04:07 PM »
My name is Kael Kauffman. I am an engineering student working in a team to develop a machine with applications in prototyping and manufacturing. Before we devote an extensive effort to the design, we would like to gather information on the potential usefulness and demand for such a device, and if possible, record the opinions of those who are experienced users of related technologies.

The goal is to create CNC machine that can operate in 5-axis while performing both high-precision milling and 3D-printing operations, potentially on the same part. 3D printing will be done with the standard range of plastics, and milling will be done on materials ranging in hardness from foam to aluminum. The machine's maximum work area and fabrication size is estimated by a cube of side length approximately 30 centimeters.

Similar versions of this technology exist already and are used in large industries, but cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are hoping that this design will be affordable to hobbyists, makerspaces, craftsmen and small businesses in need of some manufacturing ability.

As members of a community makerspace, you are in a position to provide my group with very useful feedback. We would appreciate it if you could consider answering any of following questions, or pose questions of your own.

- What are the most significant challenges or barriers you face when you want to create items with complex shapes?

- What (if anything) annoys you the most about conventional machines or machining processes that you use regularly?

- Can you recall any instances when, if you had been able to access a machine that could perform 3D printing and milling in 5-axis, the item you were working on would have been significantly easier to create, or there may have been new design possibilities?

As a final note, please be aware that we are not yet looking for opinions on whether the creation of such a machine is possible. We recognize the challenges involved both in hardware and software design. The most helpful opinions we could receive right now would be regarding how useful a machine like this would be, assuming it could be created in an affordable way.

At this stage of our project, the continued progress of our team depends on feedback from experienced organizations or individuals like you. The most helpful response possible would be a brief one-on-one discussion via email, in which case I can be contacted at
Thank you very much for any response you are able to provide.
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