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Broomstick Pony Derby
« on: July 20, 2012, 04:58:52 AM »
So, this is happening:

They have a few workshop events where you can help make ponies.

We have been asked to enter at least one Familab pony. They have also been shamelessly letting me promote Familab at Urban Rethink and host our fliers and keychains etc, let me speak there, etc which has helped us get at least 5 members so far so I <3 these people.

Anyway. Jen and I just made a couple ponies at one of their workshops tonight, with mine prepared to be modded with electronics. I have a base in place, and have ordered an arduino mini, 4 servos, some googly eyes, ... but I hardly have any idea what I am doing. Thinking I might have the mouth open and ears flip and eyes twitch randomly with the servos... I have named her Derpy 2.0.

Lots of potentials.

Pony that makes noises when you shake it? Pony that has a mane made from fiber optic lighting? Spitting pony?

We have a responsibility to the lab, and to our city, and to Equestria, to make cyborg broomstick ponies.

Open to ideas/thoughts. This is a chance to represent the lab for the city of orlando, using our collective affections for ponies.