Author Topic: Browse my portfolio and Someone out there vouch for me on the 15th of October  (Read 1590 times)

Mike Sorel

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I've had bad luck being picked up by design publications, but I want my designs to come to life.

Anyone interested on working with me build - as I'm not as familiar with many of you long time Familabbers, I would appreciate the help.  And a lot of financial backing would come to the lab as my gift.

I'm also looking for a 2nd vouch by the fifteenth.  I'm excited to join such a forward thinking group of individuals collabing as a team.


Michael Sorel, Jr.


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Your site is kinda poo poo. Fix that and your ideas are okay. Too much moving stuff and crazy fonts.


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The best way to get a second membership signature is to come out to events and meet us, so we can get to know you first. :)

Mike Sorel

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