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NASA Sample Return Project
« on: October 09, 2014, 09:50:44 PM »

I just moved to Orlando about 3 months ago, and I am starting a robot for the NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge. Basically the goal is to build a robot that navigate a large course area, largely consisting of grass, locate certain predefined samples, collect them, and return to a home base.

My skills are mainly in software and electronics, so I have a number of good ideas about how to accomplish the intelligence, and I can build the electronics, and I have someone who is helping out with the radio beacon component of the project. I'm looking for anyone interested in helping, especially if they're interested in constructing the body, or some sort of arm to collect samples with.

I've attached a document describing the competition and current design plan, and I would appreciate feedback even if you aren't interested in joining. I'll also be presenting about it at the local Robotics and Makers group this Saturday:

The design changed from using robot that can do everything to multiple smaller robots with distinct purposes.
This also removes the need for a complicated arm. I'm still looking for help, but with this new design in mind.
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