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A.I for your Makerspace
« on: August 07, 2015, 04:55:04 PM »
The members of our makerspace believe that upcoming advances in artificial intelligence are too important to leave to huge companies.  It too important for the source code to remain closed.

That is why the Lawrence Maker Studio is proud to introduce Mycroft A.I., an open source / open hardware artificial intelligence unit for your Makerspace. This project is the first technological advancement and startup business born in our makerspace.

Mycroft is a voice activated AI that integrates with the Internet of Things.  That means you can teach it to control your makerspace's lights, play video, unlock doors, start ventilation fans, control dust removal equipment or turn on your coffee maker.

Mycroft is an A.I. for Everyone!
  • Mycroft?s hardware and software are 100% open.
  • Mycroft is intended for makers, hackers and tinkerers like your members.
  • Mycroft hardware platform is based on Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Before we launch the Mycroft beta we'd like to invite your makerspaces to join us in an open source A.I. revolution.

We're asking other makerspaces to support Mycroft?s Kickstarter campaign launching on August 11. In exchange your makerspace could win one of 50 freen Mycroft units!
To win a Mycroft unit for your makerspace:
  • Fill out this Google.doc: <removed link, pm me>
  • You will receive a link to Mycroft?s Kickstarter Campaign.
  • Share that link as often as possible throughout Mycroft?s campaign, beginning on August 11th
  • Encourage your members to support our effort.

The 50 makerspaces that generate the most traffic directly to Mycroft?s Kickstarter campaign will each be awarded one free Mycroft unit.

It?s that simple!
The top 50 makerspaces will each get a free Mycroft!

Like you we?re proud to be part of the Makerspace Community.  If you have any questions about Mycroft or this effort, please contact me at <removed link, pm me>.  Meanwhile, thanks for supporting great makers at the Lawrence Maker Studio ? And for helping Mycroft become an AI for Everyone.
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