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Crowdfunding Event Auction Bid App: Bidr
« on: November 18, 2015, 09:09:53 AM »
Hey, I saw your event on EventBrite. You should try out Bidr's new interactive event ticketing.

Do you have other events coming up?


Patrick Bryant Partner


Bidr's ticketing allows attendees to enter their mobile number and get the ticket via text. Users love this feature.
They can see event details and a bar code ticket in their mobile browser. This ticket is very easy to redeem at the door with any smartphone.

Our event pages are really sleek too. Here is an example:
Click on Buy Tickets to see an example.

Plus we help with fundraising through auctions, text to donate, and raffles as well.

Would you be willing to give Bidr a shot? It's super easy to set-up a test event at just click create auction to get started. Or we can give you a demo as well?
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