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Hi from Brazil
« on: December 06, 2015, 07:25:18 PM »

Hi for All,

My name is Jos? Ricardo, and I live in Brasil, specifically in the city of Porto Alegre, in the Rio Grande do Sul State. Yes, in the extreme south (next to Uruguay frontier). I'm a member of a 2 and something years old MateHackers Hackespace here in Porto Alegre and going to a 30 day summer vacation trip (here is summer now) to Orlando in the next february. So, I want to visit the hackerspaces in this Town, more likely Familab, and want to know what are the days in the week that you meet, to plan my days. I will be glad!

P.S.1: unfortunately, our web page is only on Portuguese, and a bit (not too little),outdated.

P.S.2: the name of our hackerspace come from a tipical drink (like a tea) in this part of our country, called  "chimarr?o" or "mate"[1].

[1] -

Best regards,


Hello Jos?,

We would be absolutely thrilled to have you in our space! If you can make it on the first Tuesday in February or March, that's our big Open House night where we invite the general community by and do lots of tours. If you want to hang out with our membership and check out/play with some of our equipment, another Tuesday night would be good or a weekend. We're a 24/7 space, so there's a chance someone will be out at odd hours. You can always check out the occupancy of the space at (where you can see me responding to your email while sitting on a couch right now).

Please let us know anything else you can about the visit as your plans become more concrete. A fellow hackerspace member is always welcomed with open arms. We look forward to seeing you!
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