Author Topic: Invitation to take part in our study ? Win an AMAZON voucher  (Read 512 times)

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Dear FamiLAB Team,

we recently contacted you regarding our survey about users in FabLabs or equivalent institutions. We would like to kindy remind you to consider our questionnaire and to distribute the link among all members of FamiLAB (if you have not done so, yet)!

For the support of our research and the help to improve our future FabLab all participants completing the survey have the opportunity to take part in a lottery and to win one of six

25? AMAZON vouchers!

We would appreciate if you could forward the survey link via email to all members of FamiLAB! Feel free to share the link on your FamiLAB website, online forum or Facebook group.

No pre-knowledge is required to take part. Taking part in our survey lasts approx. 15 minutes and we are happy to share our results if participants are interested.

Many thanks and kind regards from Hamburg,

Thorsten Pieper

Institute for Technology and Innovation Management
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
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