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USFab Lab Network requests & invitations
« on: October 23, 2015, 02:28:32 PM »
The United States Fab Lab Network is growing as a not-for-profit, educational 501(c)(3) organization, so the officers, Board of Directors, and I invite your participation:

Two requests:
1.  Nominate friends and colleagues as fabrication leaders.  Please reply with nominees' relevant experience and likely areas of interest, e.g., Communications, Development (of USFLN), Education (esp. STE[A]M disciplines), Finances, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Membership, Newsletter, Outreach (new Labs & Makerspaces), Sustainability (existing Labs), and Webmaster.
2.  Suggest sites for the annual Symposium 2017, ff., capable of hosting 75-200 participants plus vendors and sister organizations.Three invitations:
3.  Join the USFLN as an individual or as an institution (which includes 6 individual memberships).  See JOIN at
4.  Attend Symposium 2016, focusing on Innovation & Entrepreneurship:  21-24 March 2016 in Sam Walton's hometown.  See SYMPOSIUM at
5.  Participate in a webinar on 13 November 2016 recapping Fab 11, Fab Fest, and other recent USFLN activities.  (No charge for Members.)

We look forward to sharing an exciting present and welcome your suggestions for creating a Fab Future with like-minded Fabbers and Makers.
David Richardson, Chairman
United States Fab Lab Network (
Email [redacted slack me for deets]
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