Author Topic: Welcome to the Autodesk Technology Impact software donation program  (Read 631 times)

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Dear Autodesk Technology Impact Participant:

Welcome to Technology Impact, Autodesk's software donation program exclusiv=
ely for nonprofits imagining, designing, and creating a better world. We ar=
e thrilled to be partnering with TechSoup and are proud to support organiza=
tions like yours who are using design to solve important challenges.

Getting Started Tips and Tutorials
For longtime users, we hope our latest products feel like an old glove. For=
 brand new or rusty users, we recommend the tutorial and help information a=
vailable inside of each product once the software is installed, as well as =
the following resources:

  *   Autodesk Knowledge Network<> - support,=
 learning, and community
  *   Autodesk University<> - on-demand training cla=
sses to learn, connect, and explore

  *   Autodesk YouTube Channel<> - demo=
nstration videos
  *   Autodesk Sustainability Workshop<
design/sustainable-design-education> - sustainable engineering and architec=
ture support for educators and students
  *   Autodesk Virtual Agent<
oot.FAQ.Front%20Desk> - a collection of frequently asked questions and help=
ful download links
For more in-depth training, contact an Autodesk Authorized Training Center =
659> near you, where courses and certifications are available on a fee basi=
We want to hear from you!
We're always interesting in hearing how participants are using our software=
 to create positive impact in the world.  Please share<mailto:technologyimp=
20share!> your story with us!
Thank you for helping us create a better world!

Bobbie Casey
Technology Program Coordinator
Autodesk Foundation
One Market Street | San Francisco, CA 94105<>
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