Author Topic: Local LED Company looking for Solidwords /3d Gurus (part time trial-> full time  (Read 1009 times)


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Hi all!

A local LED / Design company - 0 Energy Lighting, Literally 1/2 mile from the lab - is looking for some folks to help with a larger than average load with engineering models in solidworks . The company has won quite a few bids for combined design and production, and needs help from someone who knows a bit about engineering , and is competent in solidworks. Im not sure what the going wage is for this kind of gig, but arent paying a ton for starters - roughly $12 / hour - but 1) it is negotiable, depending on capablility; 2) can definitely lead to a full time deal (that is what they prefer, they just want to make sure the fit is right before committing), and 3) doesnt need someone with experience, so it is a chance to get a foot in the door.

The existing engineer seems quite competent (if a bit weird - dont mention it to him if you interview :), but be prepared), and the new person would be working directly under him.  Again, experience may not be required, but at least a technical demonstration / portfolio would be recommended, and they will sniff you out quickly if your skills are sub-par. The CEO is innovative, and doing some really cool stuff with LEDs that I think the Familab community would be interested in.  My girlfriend works there, knows that there are a number of talented folks at familab who might be able to work on a part time or project basis, and asked if I would inquire gently.

They have been hiring out temps through an agency, and have had mixed results, finding people of limited competency (their words, not mine). If you think this kind of work is cool, and youre good in solidworks, please send inquiries to their HR rep: