Author Topic: Looking for a Hacker - Jack of all trades - location - longwood fl  (Read 564 times)


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We are a local provider of SMT assembly and Semiconductor equipment.  Based in Longwood - website -

We are looking for someone with a diverse skill set.  The broader the better.

Pretty much you need to be bright, think outside the box, willing to learn.

If you know any of these things please specify which and to what level - these are all things we are looking for :

  • Schematic reading/interpreting
  • software / computer troubleshooting
  • cascade refrigeration (out on a limb here for sure!)
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Board level component repair
  • Equipment programming
  • PLC programming / reverse engineering
  • Web development / we run an online store - help with listing/testing inventory - any more advanced design qualifications a huge plus
  • Trustworthy (a must!)
If  you know cnc programming or 3d printer programming, we are seriously considering adding these machines to build components we need in house but nobody here knows how to run them. this is not a must but why not list everything..

What we offer
  • Flexible work schedule - if  you are in school, want part time, full time - whatever we can accommodate but just show up when you are supposed to.
  • Pay will range on skill set we start even the most entry level employees at 15$ but for certain skills we can pay more and after 2 months your work performance will be reviewed and you will be eligible for our 3 bonuses per year and a raise.
if interested shoot us a message and send a list of the stuff you know how to do. no need for a formal resume we are not formal - just looking for someone who can fit in and help us catch up on the massive amount of work we have.