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CNC router -- back corner
« on: March 20, 2013, 08:30:40 PM »
I'm very interested in getting this section of the lab up to speed.  This tool can be used to improve other areas of the lab.  It can be used to do the following for the lab.
  • Create signage
  • Create shelving -- floor standing and hanging on the wall
  • Create display cases
  • Create peg board frames
  • Create awesome frames for many projects -- The laser game could have a great frame and front facing facade.  The Tagbot frame.  The frame for the water art project.
  • Create stand up benches with elegant lines, lighter weight and more functionality.
  • Lighting brackets to mount on the walls, or the back of the benches for added light.
My idea is to have prepackaged "Jobs" so that when we want a frame of a certain size, you can get a piece of plywood, bring up the job, hit cut and your -- FRAME, DESK or SHELF parts are made. 

I would love to conduct classes on this machine after the bed is leveled.
  • One class how to use this -- for the lab
  • Another class for people in the public that may want to build there own.  This I would think might be over a few days.  And cost $$$.  Cover items of what's involved, talk through how this machine was made.  I think a $100 would be well spent to see this machine and get access to the knowledge of our lab members via the course.
Here's what I think this area needs to be up to speed.
  • Router table "leveled", limit switches, and emergency stops.
  • Redo of the dust collection, so we can see the bit as it is cutting
  • Dedicated shop vac for this area of the lab
  • Pusher broom and dust pan in this area of the lab
  • Remove cinder blocks and wood in back corner -- unimpeded people access completely around the machine is important
  • Put cabinet cleats on the wall to the left of the CNC router --
  • Make and hang the following on those cleats -- Bulletin board, peg boards, light arms to light up the area, swing arm for the monitor, shelving
  • Make a wheeled storage caddy for full 4 by 8 pieces of plywood.
  • Get a second license for the CUT 2D software and set up a second computer with it.  A licensed copy is needed to make cut paths and what not that can be moved to the CNC machine.  A demo copy can't be used for this.
Moving forward --
  • Take some space away from the metal people, make this corner a better wood working area
  • A cabinet table saw and a chop saw will support the CNC machine directly and extend it's usefulness.
I would like to see all of 1-9 completed and implemented by December 2013.
I would like this corner to be all business.  It is a work area for safely making stuff to express yourself.  Not an area to express yourself.

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