Author Topic: L&C Metals - Local Metal Supplier (and welding / machine shop!)  (Read 1438 times)


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I _finally_ stopped by L&C metals yesterday to pickup some steel for a project. I've been really lazy in the past, buying small stuff from Home Depot / Lowes (and overpaying!) with the occasional score from the bins at Skycraft.

L&C is open on Saturdays until noon (wish I'd figured that out sooner!) for weekend warriors. I took my 12 year old Adam with me, and we not only got some cheap steel, we got a tour and one of the owners, Jeff, let Adam push the programming buttons on the giant CNC bandsaw.

They have a plasma cutter the size of my truck (ok, I didn't measure it, but it was HUGE), a 10 ton overhead crane that goes the entire length of the building, a 6 foot radial drill press, a brake that will bend 12 feet of 1/2 steel (OMG), and a BUNCH of other stuff. Just when I thought we'd seen it all, he showed us the machine shop with 2 large mills (one with DRO, but not CNC) and a monster lathe.

We bought a 49" piece of 3" x 1.5" x 1/8" rectangular tube, a 34" piece of 2" x 1/8" square tube - he cut them to requested size, total cost $35

This is what we built with the steel...

Casters bolt on the bottom and it goes under the front of the car body to support it while the front subframe is off (the subframe is sitting on the ground but not bolted to the car. This pic was to show that we designed so the subframe would clear the vertical supports...

We also grabbed Qty 3, 1 foot sections of 3/4" 6061 aluminum rod for HybridSix - total cost was $20 with the cuts...

I'll be going back, and learning more about their tools / services. Adam called the place a "Metal Wonderland" - I took some pics, but I've been having phone SD card issues and it ate them.

tl;dr - need metal? - go to L&C Metals (even on a Saturday morning), and take cash :)

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