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The Maker Effect Foundation is launching a new project later this week (will be our Bay Area Maker Faire exhibit) called The Maker Stories Project

We need to get some videos on the site to launch it
(Please don't post around that URL yet, we aren't ready to launch)

Here's my offier:

I'll donate $10 to FamiLAB for every FamiLAB member Maker Story (that meets the requirements)  posted between today and Friday,
April 4th.

So, if you'll take a few mins to record a short <1 min video, you make FamiLAB $10 (up to $500 max) - and of course you help us tell the world about maker awesomeness

ping me with any questions -

General Discussion / FamiLAB Photos - Need your help!
« on: March 04, 2014, 01:28:01 PM »
We are on a mission to get lots of FamiLAB photos available. We are working on new postcards and want the best of the best photos - so we appreciate your help!

We are using Flickr - and we'd appreciate if you would:
 - Join the FamiLAB group -
 - upload your FamiLAB photos (keep them public safe, plz)
 - tag them with FamiLAB
 - add them to the FamiLAB group

This can easily be done with the uploader (you can tag and add to groups all in one shot!)

Even if you don't have photos to load, go visit the FamiLAB group and favorite the best photos to make it easier for others to see the best of the best!


General Discussion / The Maker Effect Foundation
« on: February 09, 2014, 07:36:06 PM »

In October, Candy and I traveled to Prague. She was about to finish her MBA, and we were having increasingly long "What's next" conversations. Today, we are proud to announce what came from those conversations...but first, some back story. Those "What's Next" conversations were a flashback to 2010 when I was finished with school - I was 36 and had actively balanced my family, work, and school commitments as for as long as I could remember. When I finished with school - I was very lost. I wanted to give back to the community in some way, but hadn't found a way to give back that was both meaningful, and intellectually stimulating.

I went back to electronics, learning on my own schedule - not that of a professor. I started sharing this learning with my boys - and we made things - and more things. We started the Raising Geeks blog to share what we made. Along the way we bought a 3D printer kit, then visited this group called FamiLAB because they knew about 3D printers. I started hanging out with them, then working collaboratively with them - even though it was just "some geeks in a storage unit." Before long, I was a member, then treasurer. I met a guy named Dave Casey, and we started Orlando Mini Maker Faire with our friends from FamiLAB. We produced an amazing event, and made new friends along the way, like Pat Starace. LIfe was good, and it was great being able to go to events like PechaKucha Orlando with Adam and talk about all the amazing things we were doing with our friends.

We kept growing FamiLAB, I did a TEDxOrlando talk with help of the very awesome Jessica Eson King, and we formed a great partnership with Orlando Science Center to produce yet another Maker Faire. Maker startups like DeltaMaker,Animatronicshop, Gadgetcat, Monkey Wrench Manufacturing, and Sunshine Incubator seemed to be forming all the time - and giving back to the community by hiring FamiLAB members, sponsoring Orlando Mini Maker Faire, and generally helping anyone in our circle of makers.

Its funny - I'd stopped looking for the way to give back - and still found it.

When Candy and I discussed her "What's Next" last year, she talked of my efforts with the maker community - but she felt left out since she'd been working on her MBA for the last 15 months. We talked about how she could get involved, and kept kicking around ideas. We met with friends, shared our plans, and asked for their help. Candy finished school, quit her job, and for the past 3 months has been working on this new plan full time.

We (Candy, Jessica, Dave, Ann & I) are happy to present The Maker Effect Foundation - and we hope you will visit our website at to learn all about it.

We are launching the website today (and ramping up social media, etc. over the next few days), and are also immediately launching the research project for our first publication (yes, I'm finally writing the book!). We welcome your feedback / questions (especially if you find a misspelling, broken link), etc!

There are SO many people that have joined us and supported us on this journey. Thank you all!

Since you are all makers - the research enrollment IS open - please enroll! :)

DIY Bio / OpenBCI Kickstarter update has a huge FamiLAB mention :)
« on: January 13, 2014, 11:54:52 AM »
Project Update #6: We did it! Also, check out the Spider Claw 3000!
Posted by Joel Murphy & Conor Russomanno

Happy Monday to all you Brainiacs out there!
We are extremely excited to have passed our Kickstarter goal of 100K. Thank you so much to all who helped us get there. You turned an idea into a reality!

If we keep up this pace we might be able to reach the stretch goal of 150K. If the stretch goal is achieved, a 3-axis accelerometerwill be added to every OpenBCI Board at no additional cost to backers. The addition of an accelerometer would be valuable for better noise-canceling techniques, athletic applications of OpenBCI involving dynamic movements, games, and much more!

In other big news, we printed out the first physical prototype of the Spider Claw
3000, our first 3D-printable headset design for the OpenBCI hardware. Apparently it and the OpenBCI Board are cool enough to be written about in WIRED!!! We are making rapid iterations on the design to optimize comfort, functionality, cost, and customizability. Stay posted for announcements about how to claim/print your own Spider Claw 3000 once we have a stable prototype. A special thanks goes out to our neighbors and friends, Atlas Scientific, for letting us use their MakerBot Replicator 2x for prototyping!
The 1st physical prototype of the Spider Claw 3000
The 1st physical prototype of the Spider Claw 3000

Lastly, we are very excited to announce our first official research partnership with FamiLAB of Orlando, Florida. "FamiLAB is Central Florida?s provider of space, tools, and community for creative technical learning and projects... FamiLAB welcomes makers, artists, thinkers, hackers, crafters, and everyone else ? come wield your imagination in any (legal and ethical) way you see fit. Think of FamiLAB as a club for geeks!"

We hope this partnership will prompt additional hacker spaces, research groups, and academic departments to join FamiLAB and the rest of the OpenBCI community as an Official Research Partner. We have some really amazing plans for the future of open-source BCI, and we implore you to join the revolution! If you're on the fence or you know of a group that might be a good fit, please reach out to us with questions and/or ideas (
9 days left. Keep spreading the word!
The OpenBCI Team

General Discussion / How to give good technical feedback?
« on: December 09, 2013, 01:56:03 PM »
Looking for some resources on giving technical (design / implementation) feedback to others - you know, when they've designed / built something, but you know there is a better way - how do you give that feedback without making the other person feel bad, get defensive, etc?

Looking for your input, links to how-to articles, even a good story of how or how not to.


3D Printing / Lab Filament from MINECON
« on: November 06, 2013, 09:07:12 AM »

As part of our MINECON production, there was 1.75 filament remaining. I brought this filament to FamiLAB last night, and stored it in the admin room.

FamiLAB did not have a net cost to purchase this filament, it was earned by those that gave up their weekend (and more) to work this event.

FamiLAB members are welcome to use this filament for their personal projects and FamiLAB related prints, but I'm hoping that entire spools don't disappear out of the lab just because we have a good stock at the moment.



We donated an auction basket to the Orlando Science Center Neanderthal Ball fundraiser.

Jamie made the basket blink "FamiLAB" in blue and white binary across 2M of RGB LEDs, driven by an Arduino nano :)

Included in the basket were items donated by da3v, pocky, Jamie, FamiLAB, and me (If I missed someone, please kick me and I'll fix it!)

FamiLAB Items:
-   FamiLAB - 3 months of membership (which includes classes!) - $50 per month = $150 value
-   FamiLAB T-shirts (QTY 2 - Will exchange sizes) - $20
-   FamiLAB Lanyard - $3

Basket Lighting Parts (all reusable!):
-   Arduino Nano - $35
-   2M of RGB LED strip - $60
-   AA Battery pack - $3

-   Radio Shack electronics Tool Set - $50
-   Radio Shack Cutting tool - $7
-   SwissTech Micro ratchet tool - $8
-   SwissTech - Micro Keychain tool - $8
-   LED Flashlight - $5

Learning kits & Project Parts
-   Parallax Basic Stamp activity kit - $80
-   SparkFun - Simon Soldering kit - $25
-   USB Experiment Interface board - $20
-   Arduino TinkerKit DMX Shield - $25
-   Arduino Motor Shield - $25
-   Arduino Video Game Shield - $23
-   Adafruit MintyBoost v3.0 kit - $20

Total = $567

Job Opportunities / DeltaMaker seeking Part-time help making 3D printers
« on: September 26, 2013, 07:22:45 PM »

The DeltaMaker team reached out to da3v after the Maker Faire orientation (they are a sponsor!) asking if we knew anyone looking for work making, testing and supporting 3D printers  :)

Here's the details

I am contacting you today to ask you a question on a different topic -- I was originally going to wait until after the Maker Faire to ask, but this topic has become more urgent in the past couple of weeks.  I am looking to hire a few part-time Makers, or 3D printing enthusiasts, to work at "DeltaMaker Headquarters".  We are beginning to ramp-up the production of DeltaMaker 3D printers for our KickStarter backers, and we need more people to assemble printer components and subcomponents.  We want to deliver 3D printers to our KickStarter backers ASAP, and to do so, we need a few more "hands turning wrenches".

Do you know anyone who would like to help us build 3D printers?   No prior 3D printer assemble experience is required -- we will teach you everything you need to know to assemble, calibrate, test, and operate the DeltaMaker 3D printer.  We are looking for some energetic people to work part-time at our location, and we can accommodate flexible schedules.   High-school and colleague students who are available to work after school a couple days per week are encouraged to contact us.  They will need their own transportation to get to our office/workshop (near Universal Blvd and Sand Lake Rd).

In addition to printer assembly people, we also need someone to help-out with the software (Marlin, OctoPrint, Cura, Slic3r, etc), and our tech support forums.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in working part-time at DeltaMaker Headquarters?   Are any of the members at FamiLAB looking to earn a little money?

If you are interested, you have two options - contact Bob Houston with DeltaMaker directly (he's one of the founders), - or if you'd like me to send an introduction email, I'm happy to do so (Please give me your background / experience with 3D printing so that I can mention it)

General Discussion / Orlando Mini Maker Faire - Free Admission
« on: September 25, 2013, 08:29:40 AM »
Now that I have your attention :)

We need more event volunteers - OSC is about to open it up to their general volunteer pool - and wanted to give FamiLAB members (and families) the chance to get in before the crowd. Unlike last year, if you volunteer, you won't be chained to a specific thing all day - we will have enough volunteers to do shifts :)

Thank you for helping us inspire and educate others!!


Da3v & I have an exciting new way for you to contribute to the Laser Fund.

You can PREORDER FamiLAB or Orlando Mini Maker Faire t-shirts for delivery at the October Open House or at Orlando Mini Maker Faire on October 5th.

Dave and I are taking the risk on the shirts (buying them up front), but - all NET proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be donated to the FamiLAB Laser Cutter fund. This could be as much as $3k.

Go here to buy shirts:

The FamiLAB shirt (should have art mockup soon) is a gray shirt, blue logo, with the URL either on the lower front of the shirt or the back of the shirt.

We will be selling the remaining shirts from the FamiLAB booth (will need some help) at Orlando Mini Maker Faire on Oct 5th.

We ARE not holding sizes - when they are sold out, they are sold out. If you want one, please pre-order it, don't expect that it will be available on October 5th.

 - Can I pay preorder with cash / check / bitcoin / etc.?    NOPE. Sorry, we just don't have the bandwidth, the pre-orders will be through square. We will do our best to deal with cash at the October open house, and will absolutely be taking cash at OMMF.

- Why wasn't there an RFC? Dave & I were ordering the Maker Faire shirts (with our funds) and decided to get some FamiLAB shirts on the same order (with our funds) - but we don't want to make money on the shirts (we want to see people wearing them!) so we are letting FamiLAB sell all of them and the net proceeds go to the laser fund.

tl;dr - go buy some shirts, NOW :)

(updated with FamiSHIRT preview)

Florida Hackerspace / Makerspace Organizers / Tampa Hackerspace
« on: August 22, 2013, 07:28:12 AM »
Posted to mailing list...


Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce a new HackerSpace in Tampa, FL.

We formed a non-profit called Inspiration Labs in March of this year to pursue the creation of hackerspaces in the Tampa Bay area. I'm pleased to announce we are now opening a facility in an old cigar factory in the heart of Tampa. We have about 1600 square feet of space to start.

It is still early days for us. Acquiring the space is a huge milestone. We are now making room for the donated equipment and making plans to setup fabrication, textile, and electronics labs. We have started regular meetings at the beginning of this month and are now actively scheduling classes.

I've been lurking on the discuss list here for many months and really appreciate the camaraderie and knowledge displayed. It would have been even harder to start up without the resources I've found on this list and the website.

I've created a wiki page in the directory which you'll find here:


Bill Shaw

In the Fireball pinball machine, I'm using a full Arduino for something simple, and I'd like your input on the best way to simplify it...

The device is an i2c slave, with 5 digital outputs. You send it a specific message, and it pulses the digital output for a specific amount of time (the amount of time is fixed, and can be in the firmware).

So, I need



Which means I can't use some of the smaller ATTINY - as I need at least 9 pins. (Yes, I could output BCD and have a 4028, etc convert it, but why not just use an ATTINY with more pins?)

I have some ATTINY4313 here, although from our hackathon experience, it sounds like they are trouble. I really don't want to spend a ton of time doing something this simple (and right now, I'd just stick with the arduino...)

I'm looking for a nice, clean way to do this, that would also be a good simple example of taking an Arduino-based project down to ATTINY for demonstration purposes.

Thoughts / input?

Wall of Awesome / ki4swy is awesome!
« on: July 05, 2013, 08:45:12 AM »
Now that he's on the forums - let's do this right...

ki4swy (Bill) is seriously awesome!

He donated a ton (13??) of Arduino Pro Ethernet boards, a massive 1080p projector, a logic analyzer, and some other stuff.

If you haven't met him yet, its because he lives in SW Florida, but he's in town occasionally as one of the organizers of GameWarp - the Arcade, Pinball, and Console gaming show that runs from July 26th - 28th.  BE THERE AND BRING FRIENDS :)

Announcements / Annual Meeting - ALL MEMBERS - PLEASE READ
« on: June 24, 2013, 07:01:52 PM »

Our 2013 Annual meeting will be held at The Orlando Science Center on July 13th from 5pm - 7pm. Huge thanks to Brandan for scoring us AIR CONDITIONED space for our annual meeting.

We will be hold board member elections - please see the thread in the RFC forum to nominate board members.


More info as we get closer!


To clear up any confusion, you DO NOT need to buy a Science Center ticket to attend the meeting.

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