Author Topic: 1st Open House of 2014 Here I Come!  (Read 670 times)


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1st Open House of 2014 Here I Come!
« on: January 06, 2014, 08:40:43 PM »
Hey Gang!

I'm very excited to be heading to the open house tomorrow.

About me:
One of my earliest memories as a kid was my Mom giving me a telephone to take apart. Growing up, my best friends parents created stained glass windows, scale railroads, and inclined railroads. Playing around and learning in their shops during my formative years had a pretty lasting effect on me. My favorite classes in school were metal and wood shop. I've always been a little into R/C stuff and the constant tinkering, breaking, and fixing that comes with it. I went to SCAD for a couple years before dropping out. Major was Industrial Design.

Aside from the tinkering bug, I am into bicycling, motorcycling, photography, and most computer related things.

Why do I want to join?
Ever since I first heard about hackerspaces / makerspaces I was very interested in joining one. There was never one near me, though! My family and I moved to this area a few months back and I'm excited to visit and hopefully join one. Aside from the access to cool tech and tools, I have a feeling that the people and environment will be somewhere that I'll feel right at home.

How did I hear about you?
I saw some of your members speak at the last Trucks & Tech event but I either didn't hear or didn't make the connection that they were members of a hackerspace. Fast forward to last night when I was watching some woodworking videos on youtube (If you're into that stuff, check out this channel) which gave me the building bug and inspired me to google for hackerspaces near me.

What interesting projects are you working on or want to work on?
Right now? Nothing, which is killing me. I haven't been tinkering on anything fun in ages and I am really looking to change that.
Here are some things I'm into or would like to work on:
  • R/C, especially quadrocopters (I'd love to try some aerial photography with one)
  • Photography, macro, high speed, remote triggers and strobes, etc.
  • 3D printing and modeling (I have pretty much no 3D modeling experience, though)
  • Laser cutting/etching, CNC, etc. (I used to do signmaking on the side and have a 24" vinyl plotter)
  • Anything to do with Arduino
  • Anything to do with RPi
  • Augmented reality / VR / Oculus Rift
  • Alternative transportation (i.e. reverse trike electric vehicle)

Anything else to know?
I'll be bringing my papers tomorrow to stalk people for signatures! Also, you guys are super close to a rock climbing gym I've been wanting to go to - Any climbers here? I'm pretty horrible but I want to get better.