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Craig's Intro
« on: December 11, 2016, 09:57:22 PM »
Hello all. I'm a recent Orlando transplant from the great white north. I relocated with work (Electronic Arts). Career wise I started out as a software engineer then went into sysadmin then back and back again. Now we're doing that devops thing everybody is so jazzed about although I prefer site reliability engineering now, because trendy. So yeah, computers. I've been a linux enthusiast since bsd (yes, joke. make build world).

I like those raspberryPi things and arduinos for kicks. Got an intel Edison lately too, but need to come up with something fun to do with that. Or give it to somebody else, which seems to be what I do with most of my projects. I have a motorcycle collection and alteration problem as well as being massively interested in welding and metalwork of all kinds. I split most of my time between doing some kind of project for myself and helping out other more talented people's projects. Oh yeah, we made a microwave gun once too. So safety first, right?

Having recently relocated, I've decided to DIY all my new furniture etc. Ask me in a month or two how that worked out. Should be an entertaining story. I recently attended an open house and really loved the community vibe at the space. I learned a ton of stuff in a super short time. That is just so cool, I really hope to join in.

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