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Doing the thing
« on: June 20, 2017, 05:07:38 PM »
Hey everyone, I'm Ryan. GMSR stands for a username I thought I would be able to use that no one would ever take (globalmyserysnailrevolution) but I didn't think about it ever being too long (which it normally is). Just sayin' for anyone curious. I can't imagine anyone having enough time and curiosity (ok, I can) to get the full story on that one...

I have met a lot of you (but probably not most?), and been out a few times since I got back to the states. I'm the lanky balding dude with 2 arms (ask any caricature artist to draw that and they probably wont be all "say no more fam", but thats all I got right now).

Trying to build the things to prototype microfluidics chips for biotechnology (ooooh that guy). This includes a spin coater, sputter coater, clean room box thing (different than a fume hood or a laminar flow hood) and a bunch of other stuff that could also be used for microchip fabrication or any cool nifty optical coatings, nanomaterials, etc...

I want to do a lot for the bio lab (have a pretty good picture at the old space from over 3 years ago of the first meeting when it was in the conceptual phase if anyone wants it :P) and get that scene up and running nicely. Maybe throw a few cool bio-related workshops. Definitely want to bring it up to be a fully functioning molecular biology lab. I used to teach chemistry and biology in Taichung, Taiwan, so I really like educating people about science.

I pretty much just nerd out on chip based biological protocols and any related chemistry or processes for fabrication all day every day. Sometimes I can pull myself away from all that long enough to eat and do people-things. If I am especially motivated I will shoot videos about what I am doing and then never edit them together. I also like landscape photography. I want to build an apparatus for taking insanely high res photos for installations where people will be able to have their entire field of vision covered at 300+dpi (probably gonna be a series of film cameras set up like the retina of an eye and a whooooole lot of drum scanning and photoshop) just because I love that feeling of actually being in a place that you cant necessarily be right then and there. VR is pretty good, but not quite what I am going for with all that.

I actually did a lot of solo traveling recently, so I guess that counts as people things too (kinda?). I am pretty aloof I guess. Some people call me smart, others call me brave, this sounds like the intro to some kind of proverbial catchphrase thing, but I cant really wrap it up cause my skill set is a growing splattered mess. Welp, now everyone knows I'm bonkers. Fun while it lasted.

Hope to see you all tonight ^_^