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« on: December 18, 2014, 05:46:15 PM »
So, because I was slightly lazy and didn't do this before I was voted in, I figure its best to do it now. My name is Ethan. I work at a psychiatric clinic as the I.T. "professional"/medical records/Intake/ whatever else I get roped into. I'm a big fan of all Linux. My first distro was Gentoo when I was about 13. Needless to say, I know absolutely nothing about Gentoo, as I soon abandoned it for video game acceptable panes of glass. I then explored with Ubuntu before they switched to unity and absolutely had no Idea what I was doing there either. It was free though, so why not try it. I played around with ubuntu 14.xx and found I started to hate it. At the time I had no idea why it wouldn't let me move my taskbar. I now play with smaller distro's, Like Bodhi linux and puppy linux. I enjoy the Desktop environment Enlightenment the most. Never really used a non Debian based distro to any extent, but I'm always willing to try. I enjoy all kinds or software programming, I went to DeVry for a short time before it started to drain my soul and my money, so I stopped, and I learned a bit of C# there. I want to play with the pi. I want to use the Pi in my life for just about everything, I'm insanely excited to try it and do things with it, and... I'll stop there. Arduino I had never heard of before maybe a year ago, so I'm less excited and less intrigued, but my interest is still peaked. I want to learn how to wire two things together to make them work effectively. Or just to gain power. That would be nice too. I'm going to start building an electric bicycle soon and I'd like for it to do what its supposed to do. I am also knee's deep in love with 3d printers. The possibilities are endless and the ingenuity is just fantastic. I want to 3d print a waterproof cover for the electric bicycle. To cover the motor, the flywheel and the belt. I like fish. Aquarium fish, fishing in a lake, eating fish all of it. Except salmon. Hate salmon. And Okra. Worst foods on the planet. Favorite science is physics. I grew up with woodworking tools, but my father pretty much made everything so I got to watch and help him push things through his table saw. I put things together, never did any cutting. I'd like to do the cutting at some point or another. I feel that would be a fantastic skill to have. So thats it. Electronics, woodworking, software, 3d printing, and fish. Circuitry is something I'd like to get better at, I can solder pretty comfortably and I'm a computer nerd. I like games. All games. Lots of stuff.