Author Topic: Hi! My name is Devin (lorddevn).  (Read 536 times)


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Hi! My name is Devin (lorddevn).
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:46:47 PM »
    Hello all! I am obsessed with making, crafting, tinkering and just about anything else that involves using my hands and tools to CREATE. My ultimate goal in life is to thoroughly understand how to make any and everything from absolute scratch. I've loved technology (and all the parts that make tech work) since I was a small child....vacuum cleaners, tape players, radios, toys never stood a chance at a long life when I learned they had more interesting inners. I would love to come to the space and see what's inside of it. I would love to meet everyone and most of all LEARN EVERYTHING. I'm a patient student and an avid listener. I'm currently honing my woodworking skills, after I get that drilled I'd like to make my own forge and crucible to begin metal working. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself and my BRAIN. Get making!