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Intro from J0yCrack3r
« on: September 26, 2017, 08:28:40 AM »
I just wanted to say Hi and briefly introduce myself. My name is Peter and I live in Altamonte Springs.

I wound up getting into technology at a young age. My first PC was an Apple II PLUS, and I was pumped when they bought me the 16K langauge card (expanding it to an earth-shattering 64K of RAM, Baby !!!

I've been involved in technology for the last 20 years and have held positions including help desk, help desk manager, small business guy, server admin, network admin, network engineer, information security engineer, infosec architect, consultant and ISO. I've also taught on and off through those years and helped build schools in South America (not with my hands :-) I've almost completed 2 Master's Degrees (one in InfoSec Engineering, one in InfoSec Mgmt)

I have some free time now, and don't ever expect to go back to that type of "live to work" outlook (60,80, even 100 hour work weeks). So, it seems time to start working on things that I've wanted to do for years. Since I'm physically able and excited to learn.

1.) Basic Electronics (I've never even soldered anything EVER) despite the fact that I used to build PC's (everything was a FRU by then)
2.) Taking things apart without upsetting my parents...loll... and building new things straight out of the weird, creative corners of my mind.
3. ) Learning to draw (probably going to do that through some class somewhere at some point). Again, I'd love tp be able to manifest what I visualize in order to share things with others.
4.) Learning LINUX (NOBODY believes me at jobs when I tell them I use live cd's and can copy files. change PW's and that's about it. They always think I'm trying to get around admin work on an open-source tool in order to buy a commercial one.
5.) Learning to code (again, NOBODY buys it that I don't know -see #4 above..LOL)
Required note of honesty: (When I learned to make network cables, that became half my job so I stuck to an I don't know how to story for years after- so maybe there's a touch of "the boy who cried wolf" going on with the above..LOL)

SO, when I read about FamiLAB --- oooh...machine shop, and lasers, python and LPIC classes, and radio/electronics COMMUNITY I got more than a little excited ! (quick note: I asked about learning about electronics and "maker" stuff at Skycraft and they recommended a store called Fam Lab in Winter Park. Then a search engine got me to you in a funny roundabout way)

I'm helping to start another school again, and will need to set up a lab (my last one had about $150k worth of firewalls, routers, switches, IDS/IPS, rack-mounted servers in full telecom racks). Companies will give you gear to play with if you're training people how to use their products. I certainly spent too much money, but most of the equipment came from vendors (old demo models and such). Since there's a lack of space at my apartment now instead of a lab and a billiards room in my old house, I might very well be able to put together a great lab to share with everyone in the community if everyone is careful and learns how to "return things to a default state" when they're done breaking stuff. And breaking stuff IS the reason to have a computer lab in the first place. I've seen people find out the hard way that nobody likes it when you do that on production machines :-)

Additionally, I love teaching and I love working with teams. I might be able to offer classes on tech for members, or assist them with certifications they are pursuing. Additionally, since money is tight, I might be able to help people out with their projects as I save to buy parts for my own. This way I can contribute while I learn how to safely, professionally use various tools and methodologies.

I live nearby and have the time to contribute. I look forward to meeting all of you and seeing if it would be a good fit all around. It's definitely exciting for me.

All the Best,