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Intro: Paul Lohman (prolow)
« on: September 02, 2014, 10:38:41 PM »
Hi all, I enjoyed the open house this evening. I was the profusely sweaty guy in tan shirt and shorts.
I'm on a trek to make a pinball machine. Which lead me to Fireball HD->>Ian Cole->FamiLab.
I'm pretty new to the electrical engineering side of things but comfortable with programing.
I've worked with wood, simple carpentry, some carving and rotary tools, and some simple jewelry work in college.
My day job as a technical artist at a game studio in Maitland is pretty nice but when I get home I really just want to work on something thats all my own.

Attached is a zip containing my WIP of a hockey themed pin in VisualPinball 9.2.1
For those not familiar with VisualPinball, here's an screenshot;

my blogfolio


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Re: Intro: Paul Lohman (prolow)
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