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« on: February 20, 2018, 02:06:25 AM »
Hey everyone, my name is Zac and I go by fractalisman on slack as well.

I'm a tattoo artist from Winter Park and I like making and building things and I've been excited to become a member since my first introduction to Familab a year ago. I've met quite a few of you since then that have inspired me with all your amazing creations and I hope to learn and share ideas and skills with you all.

As for myself, I'm obsessed with music, and synthesizers specifically, and love to build and play modular synths as well as play drum machines and guitars, which I've never built but after seeing the wood shop I've definitely been thinking about it. I've dabbled a little in making guitar effects and synths on breadboards and perf boards and I'm looking forward to learning how to use the pcb mill and make my first circuit boards and would appreciate any tips you familab members have to offer.
I've been drawing and painting for most of my life in more traditional mediums like oil and acrylic paints, but I've wanted to branch out into sculpture and fabrication and I can see Familab as a great place to be able to do that. From the wood shop to the HAAS to the 3d printers and laser etcher, there's a plethora of amazing tools that I can't wait to dive in and start creating with.

Walking around the shop and seeing all your creations makes me excited to meet everyone and I can't wait to see what ideas we can inspire in one another!