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Jp's Intro
« on: November 22, 2016, 12:49:06 AM »
Hi.  I'm JP.  I'm an Electrical Engineer by trade, but I have been a musician and a maker for much longer. 

I used to work for the Naval Research Laboratory in Key West, FL and specialized in end-to-end electronic development.   That was really just a front to play open mic nights and imbibe drinks with umbrellas.  Afterwards, I moved to Orlando and now work as a Test Engineer.

If it's electronic and/or broken, bring it to me and I guarantee I'll fix it.  In the event I can't, I can help in hiding it and devising a way to blame someone else.

I love music and I have been playing guitar for over 16 years.  I have been in more bands than I can count.  The only thing I love more than playing music is mixing electronics and music together.   

I heard about Familab after visiting their booth at the MakerFaire 2016.  There were other makerspaces at Makerfaire, but Familab was the only one that really felt like a creative collective.  I am really interested in learning from people, as well as helping out other people, so it was an easy decision.

Right now, I am currently working on two things:

I am building an Arduino / Pi  that converts python scripts into midi signals.

I am also in the middle of rebuilding an old resonator guitar that I bought off an estate sale.  Since it was just a scrap heap when I started with it, I was able to wire a few pickups into it and even 3d-print my own parts.

I am interested in a wide variety to activities.  I'm sure you will see me around the lab.  If you happen to run across me, stop by and say Hi.

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Re: Jp's Intro
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2016, 09:52:59 AM »
Welcome! I'm the one who talked welding distractedly while playing Overwatch, ha. You might be interested in our multimedia nights (second Saturday at seven) for the electronic side of music (there's a slack channel for it, if you haven't already found it).

We look forward to seeing you around the lab!