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Karen's Intro
« on: October 13, 2016, 05:40:43 PM »
I came to the Open House last week; I meant to come introduce myself in here before this, but got distracted by the hurricane.  Fortunately, we came through the storm with no troubles at all; we didn't lose power and we only had small branches and leaves in our yard.

Almost all the making I currently do is fiber arts -- I knit, crochet, spin, weave, and dye yarn with varying degrees of skill and devotion.  I blog about these pursuits at (I fell off the blog wagon back in April, and am just starting to post again!) and I'm active in the local fiber community.  I'm a member of a monthly spinning group, the Weavers of Orlando Guild, and I go to a weekly knitting night at one of the local yarn shops.

I do a lot of demos with the Weavers Guild; I usually spin at those demos since everyone in the Guild weaves, but fewer spin.  Last year we had a booth at the Maker Faire and I was there all day for both days.  It was my favorite demo experience to date.  When we do demos, we always get a few people who are interested in what we do and ask a lot of questions.  At Maker Faire, almost everyone was curious and asking questions.  I just loved the energy of the event and the people, and I felt that same enthusiastic curiosity at Familab when I visited.

I have an undergrad degree in Biology, though I haven't been anywhere near a lab since I was in school.  My grandfather owned a machine shop; I have fond memories of visiting it as a small child.  After he retired, he installed a machine in the basement of his house and did small jobs for extra income.  The smell of machine oil makes me totally nostalgic for him.

My husband, Chris, is a Senior Software Engineer; in his free time he likes to build things.  He's designed and built most of the bookshelves in our house, two entertainment centers, a rolling cart for our kitchen, and our hydroponic system, which we use to grow lettuce and culinary herbs, and probably more which I'm forgetting right now.

All of which is to say:

I'll be at Maker Faire again this year.  I'll be there all day, both days, spinning in the Weavers of Orlando booth.  I hope to see y'all there, if not before!


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Re: Karen's Intro
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2016, 05:43:32 PM »
Welcome! I'm glad you made it through the storm okay and we look forward to seeing you around the lab and at the faire! :)