Author Topic: Looking to help out and get to know people. Anyone need an extra hand?  (Read 592 times)


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Hi, I'm Jim.

I came to your open house on April 8 and I was really excited to see what you guys were doing.

A little about me -- I was born and raised in Illinois (not Chicago).  I just graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in physics.  I moved down to Orlando for an R&D job at a small laser company (right on UCF campus).  I'm not an expert at anything in particular, but I do have some minor experience with general computer programming, arduino programming, metal casting, basic welding, and remedial woodworking skills.  I'd really like to work on circuit design, but I'm interested in learning anything.

Does anyone have some simple work they need help with?  I'm just looking for a project to get involved with and meet some interesting people.

I'am available pretty much every day after 6pm.


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Well, I don't know about personal projects, but the lab as a whole is working on itself, which is a pretty big project! So if you'd like to contribute to build-out, I'm sure we could find something for you to do. :)

(Welcome! We're looking forward to getting to know you.)


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Heyyyyy I went to UIUC!  ;D  Nice to meet another Illinois grad down south! On lab nights (Tuesday) there are usually members and other people working on their individual projects. If someone needs help, they'll just ask whoever's at the lab/in chat. As DMS said, we can always use extra hands for the build out (which is Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Saturdays (11AM-5PM)). The calendar on the homepage lists events as well, so come on around!  :)