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Ryan Hollander's Introduction
« on: May 05, 2016, 11:55:55 AM »
Hi I'm Ryan Hollander. I came to FamiLAB because I wanted to learn more about 3D printing and prototyping. A friend who is a member invited me to check out the lab this past Tuesday and now I am also very interested in cutting things with lasers! By trade I'm an I.T. Software Architect, Developer, and Project Manager with a long background in enterprise knowledge management. I have experience with Web Application Programming including Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  I'm also a co-founder and creative principal in a new game company, a game designer, and I also dabble in drawing, design, photography, and writing. I'm trying to build a game company beginning with selling a board game I invented called "Treasure or Treachery". That's my current project. I do all kinds of small projects at home from making arcade joysticks, to board games, web apps, building computers, fixing stuff around the house, etc. I'm relatively handy with a screwdriver or wrench, I can even solder a little bit, but am just starting to learn about these amazing machines you've got in the labs. Right now I work as a freelance software consultant while trying to bootstrap Aktion Games. I also enjoy Lego, pizza, bicycling, movies, video games, and cooking. I live in Longwood with my beautiful and brilliant wife, Anne, who is a ceramic artist, and my adorable daughters Mia, 7 yrs. and Isabella, 4 yrs. I'm really looking forward to getting to know more people at FamiLAB, learning a lot, and hopefully collaborating on some fun projects!
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