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Hello, my name is Daniel. I'm a tech junkie with a penchant for exploring everything that computers bring to the world. I don't have a lot of college experience behind me but my passion for technology is a constant driver in my life and I think it will fit in well at FamiLAB. When I heard of FamiLAB I didn't think much of it (and incidentally when I volunteered at the Maker Faire last year I hadn't realize I had met some of you already that I met at the Open House) since I generally thought most tech groups tended to have a very elitist and somewhat condescending attitude towards new people who are passionate about tech as well as fairly hostile to a large number of minority groups. Fortunately for me, all of my expectations were pretty much shattered when I came to visit your Open House on Tuesday. I was amazed but not surprised why FamiLAB is growing. Through whatever process you're using to vet people, you've created a community which will stand the test of time and make it possible for me to go to my nieces who have some interest in tech and point to places like FamilLAB and tell them, "This is a good example of a tech community and how you should expect to be treated by others and that anything less than this as a standard is unacceptable." So why am I wanting to join FamiLAB you're asking yourself? Because I want to be part of and help continue to cultivate the type of environment FamiLAB fosters. FamiLAB is clearly a force for good and it only naturally makes sense to support that endeavor.

I'm also interested in contributing my existing skills in tech as well as grow them through FamiLAB. I am a Systems Administrator for a labeling company in Sanford. I get to help with a variety of Windows-based, Mac-based, and Linux-based machines on a regular basis. I'm also responsible for helping keep the network up and coming up with inventive solutions to help the company improve upon its existing infastructure. I love what I do there and learn a lot because of the diverse talent of programmers, web developers and quality assurance auditors there. I feel I will equally learn a lot from the diverse number of members within FamiLAB.

Hacking software, reverse engineering and just about anything Linux-based is where my strongest interests lie and those interests have only grown stronger as I see the potential for abuse by those who have malicious intent. Understanding security in the context of IT will enable me to protect myself as well help me protect others. Linux has been a growing interest after a random training class at a previous company I worked for that showed me Mac OSX's Terminal app and I was enamored with just how different and how much more easily it was to automate, control and maintain your operating system. I would not have to be at the mercy of proprietary software or a badly design CLI like in Windows. This was enough to peak my curiosity and build a Linux virtual machine using vmWare's vmWare Player. But one distro wasn't enough, I then found I needed to do another, and another, and another. I was finding myself becoming obsessed with understanding the intricacies of these operating systems. I learned a great deal more about the underlying architecture and hardware of a system as well improving my knowledge of other OSes including Windows as a result. I'm also interested in doing more projects involving Arduino and gaining a better understanding of its hardware internals/circuitry.

Most of my projects so far are mainly for personal use such as the home server I am building using CentOS or customizing a CyanogenMod ROM for my Android phone, but I am also involved in a project called Open Gimbal providing my experience with what I know of Linux and project management to a group with a pretty amazing astronomical project. I've also got a couple of ideas for some Android apps I want to do as time allows, but I fear those are off in the far distance.
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Thanks! We pride ourselves on being open and inclusive, but also respecting the safety of our members. The membership process is one of those things we've been working to fine tune and refine, but for the most part, it is there for potential members to get the chance to see what they're getting themselves into before committing their cold hard cash (and time). We're a crazy bunch, but it sounds like you'll fit right in! :)


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Welcome! We talked for a bit on Tuesday, but I was somewhat dead and surrounded by kleenex at the time. *G*  You're going to have a ball at the lab and I'm glad to see you hop on the forums.

See you at the lab! :)