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The One, The only.. Rick Kindel
« on: February 01, 2017, 12:10:43 PM »
Coming to center stage - the ringmaster himself......

Rick Kindel

That's ME!!

OK so anyhow..   here's the scoop:

Old enough to know better, young enough not to care.  Formally of the midwest (Battle Creek, MI).  Moved to Florida to run from the law.. errr I mean get away from my old life... emmm not helping my cause.. ok to get to WARM WEATHER - that's it! That's the reason.

Only been living in Florida since the first week of Dec.  Renting a house in Poinciana.  Got a Dog, and started everything over..  a few friends in the Tampa Area, family --- SOMEWHERE down here.

I came to the Wine Wednesday Wiki Update and met a bunch of you already - I was the only guy without a laptop, stayed close to an hour, brought 3 bottles of wine, and drank 2 glasses before I had to go and let the dog out. (Whooooo Let the doooggs OUT?? I figured I do it before the rest of you did)

As for my hackerspace needs/wants/qualifications:
- Needing a place to nerd out, and has gear to do any and all misc tinkering projects that I decide I want to get involved with
- Want to find some people with common ground and have a project team to work with on bigger projects
- General tinkerer, nerd, geek, able to follow basic instructions and rebuild anything I tear apart.  (Featured on for being able to recreate Cody Brodicous' hotel onity lock hacking tool.

I love retro gaming, and new age gaming alike.  Avid Call of Duty Player.  Love board games (mostly monopoly), own my own Arcade Jamma Machine (NOT MAME), 100-Disc Jukebox (that always needs sometime of tinkering), Casino Slot machine from MGM Grand. 

Working on a Dualing/Head-to-Head Desktop MAME Setup (which is ALMOST complete albeit some cosmetic and wood working)..

Whatelse.. umm.. 5'11" like pizza, tacos, long walks on short beaches.... Oh sorry - wrong place for that.. NVM..

See you guys around at the space..
Same Hackspace time... Same Hackerspace Channel..