Author Topic: Make, Do and Mend at Orlando Science Center -- Needs Volunteers!!!  (Read 592 times)


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Recently we had a request for volunteers for an event coming up at the Orlando Science Center. I'm reposting the text below on behalf of Janine Myszka from OSC. Please contact me if you have any questions though!

Hello FamiLAB!
My name is Janine Myszka – I spoke at the general meeting on Tuesday regarding a volunteer opportunity at the Orlando Science Center. On Saturday April 15 as part of the OSC’s Earth Month celebration we’re hosting a “Make Do and Mend” open make style workshop from 12-3 to teach people how to fix things they already have rather than throwing them out. On the OSC’s side we’ll be teaching skills including how to sew on a button and patch weaving and some simple tool identification. Potentially we’ll also be having a bike that people can learn how to change the tire on.
What we’d like from you all is expertise in fixing mechanical problems (troubleshooting broken toys, etc) so you can help guests (mostly younger families) walk through how they’d solve a problem and also to have you working on fixing things (or making or building things). If you’ve been to the OSC before, this will be taking place in the lab space in Our Planet.
In terms of resources, we have solder/soldering irons, screwdrivers, hammers, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, socket wrenches, allen keys, multimeters, etc. If there are any fixing skills that you think everyone should know, include that in your email and I’ll see if we can support that activity.
Please let me know by email if you’ll be able to participate by April 1 - we’re aiming for 3-5 volunteers.
Thanks so much!
Janine Myszka
Science Program Interpreter