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Community Sandards
« on: August 19, 2014, 11:53:45 AM »
Community Standards

Rights Responsibilities

24/7 Access to the lab space
A voice and a vote in FamiLAB
Use of all community tools and equipment (subject to training requirements)
Free or discounted access to all workshops and events (less material costs)
Ability to self-nominate for member elections
May serve on the board of the organization
Free Internet access (subject to Acceptable Use Policy)
Immediate family members receive sponsorship at the ?Maker? level membership.
Designated area to store in-progress work
Access to Members Only Forum areas
Right to a harassment free environment (refine)
Right to a safe* environment
Right to a level of privacy equivalent with that of a public space (i.e. bathrooms, IP, lockers, etc.)
Right to ask someone to leave you alone or to stop a behaviour. If there is still a problem, you have a responsibility to seek mediation.
Right to teach a class, run an official event, or otherwise further the FamiLAB mission.
Right to not participate in official events. (However, please remember that outreach is our bread and butter.)
Right to prevent emergency situations and handle safety issues immediately without leadership intervention.
Right to request a mediator for conflict resolution.
Abide by the bylaws and membership agreement (FamiLAB Board of Directors reserves the right to issue a new membership agreement at any time)
Pay monthly dues, on time and in full
Clean work area before leaving
Attend meetings regularly and participate actively in FamiLAB activities
Supervise and escort any guests invited into the space.
Be encouraged to vote at FamiLAB meetings
Assist in other lab cleaning / maintenance duties
Be excellent to each other
Responsibility to encourage and uphold harassment free behaviour
Responsibility to conduct yourself in a safe manner according to all known safety requirements
Responsibility to respect personal and organization property and encourage others to do the same
Responsibility to respect individual rights to privacy
Responsibility to stop a behaviour or leave someone alone is asked. If there is still a problem, you have a responsibility to seek mediation.
Responsibility to respect mission focused and official lab activities.
Responsibility to accurately represent the FamiLAB brand and mission to the public and potential members. (Revisit, open this to better define it.)
Responsibility to not interfere with mission focused activities.
Responsibility to attempt to remain calm during mediation and conflict resolution.

Disagreement & Un-Excellence

First, try to work it out with one another amicably. A little bit of time may help. Seek to understand, and then to be understood. :)
Second, request a mediator. (Maybe a volunteer group?)
Third, report the issue as harassment. (Need a reporting distro. Include board. Anonymous contact form -- build this.)
If anything escalates to physical, verbal or emotional violence from both parties then both parties will be banned from the space until the conflict is resolved. (i.e. assault and battery) This must be reported by another member witness.