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Prospective Member Introductions / Jason's (Sunwut) Intro
« Last post by sunwut on August 15, 2017, 06:33:01 PM »
Hello All,

My name is Jason Ross, I live in Lake Mary and have a business in Longwood. I am an graphic artist, music enthusiast and all around digital media person. I love creativity and inventions. I am good friend with member Ryan Hollander.  I would like to join Familab because I love being around and meeting creative people. You never know what type of idea or creation can come forth. I would to chat with anyone about creativity, music, space, or business. I am 40 and originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I came to Orlando in 2002 to attend Full Sail. I am married an have a cute puppy named Daisy.

I look forward to making new friends1
Visitors / Re: Hello All
« Last post by darkmoonsinger on August 08, 2017, 10:01:52 AM »
Visitors / Hello All
« Last post by jpadgett on August 07, 2017, 02:16:35 PM »
     I was on Meetup and found out about your site. It looks really cool and I am going to try to work my schedule out to be there very soon. I am a environmental  controls tech. I design and program electronics to control HVAC equipment in large buildings in hospitals and office buildings etc. I also am Sound Engineer with 40 + years of experience running sound. I am putting together a small digital studio in my home. Really looking forward to coming by. The main issue is I live in Clermont, but that will not stop me.

*waves to a fellow classical musician* Welcome! We look forward to getting to know you!
Prospective Member Introductions / Re: Jamie's intro (with cosplay photos!)
« Last post by thekroog on July 20, 2017, 11:50:20 PM »
Oh, and my current project is Percy de Rolo, from Critical Role. Crow is doing the tailoring and I'm doing the leatherwork and props. We have a lot to do, but have a shirt and plague doctor mask (mostly) finished so far:

Crow is working on Zarya from Overwatch and I will be doing a good deal of work on the gun.
Prospective Member Introductions / Jamie's intro (with cosplay photos!)
« Last post by thekroog on July 20, 2017, 11:47:49 PM »

I'm a local leatherworker / web dev / artist / classical oboist / costumer / prop maker / board game geek / etc.

My partner, Crow (who will probably crop up soon in these forums), and I pretty much live in an art studio (our condo), but the space is small, cramped, and at the mercy of neighbors who don't like ANY noise whatsoever. We've managed to do pretty well for ourselves within these constraints, but would love to meet fellow makers and have access to a bigger workspace.

If you're a convention geek, you might have seen us at Megacon Orlando. We're co-founders of Cospital Cosplay Repair ( and Which means we spend conventions repairing hundreds of costumes for cosplayers. We're pretty keen on skills sharing, promoting maker positivity, and enjoy teaching / doing workshops.

Epbot was nice enough to include us in her writeup here, and you can see me sewing a snap onto her twi'lek friend's belt:

Here's some of my costumes. My partner, Crow, and I collab on most of what we build.

My sexy "Sexy Halloween Costume" costume

Archimedes as the TF2 medic.


Me as Schmendrick the Magician, Crow as Molly Grue, The Last Unicorn

Me as Hermann Gottlieb, Crow as Newt Geiszler, Pacific Rim

Yip Yip

Crow as Wonder Woman, me as Sam Vimes (Discworld)

Anyway, we're looking forward to coming to open house and other events soon. Naturally, we're in crunch time for Dragon Con, but we should be able to make the time to start meeting people! :D

Prospective Member Introductions / Fico's Intro
« Last post by fico on July 20, 2017, 01:31:54 PM »
Hey all,

Been showing up to the Second Saturday Multimedia nights & the occasional Python class for a while now, just turned in my papers on Tuesday so I can come out more often & get to making some some cool stuff.

I prepped a few slides for Tuesday's intro with some pics/gifs/videos of stuff that I've worked on lately, check it out @ Google Slides.
(also fixed the app demos that didn't play during the intro, had to enable public links @ Google Drive)

Also have some music stuff up @ SoundCloud, nothing complete really - mostly rough drafts of ideas & practice sessions.

Definitely will be around for the <lab-equipment>101 classes & workshops that you guys host, and am also interested in sharing some of my knowledge as well. Have been scheming on some music & programming class ideas with Mac & Dustin, just gotta work out the details.

Slack Handle: @fico
Prospective Member Introductions / Prospective New member: Alex (Faelex)
« Last post by Faelex on July 18, 2017, 06:31:06 AM »
I'm Alex.
I've met quite a few people at the lab but now and I have many interests. I'm interested in being able to learn and create things, which is why I was originally invited here. I grew up in Florida most of my life. I love cats and singing. I was in the navy for about 6 years. You'll find that I'm easy to talk to. I love a hearty conversation on intellectual topics. That's another thing I have come to appreciate at the lab.
I look forward to becoming a member, so that I can continue my projects, while others can't be at the lab.

"If you think you can or think you can't, you're right!"
-Henry Ford
Prospective Member Introductions / Doing the thing
« Last post by GMSR on June 20, 2017, 05:07:38 PM »
Hey everyone, I'm Ryan. GMSR stands for a username I thought I would be able to use that no one would ever take (globalmyserysnailrevolution) but I didn't think about it ever being too long (which it normally is). Just sayin' for anyone curious. I can't imagine anyone having enough time and curiosity (ok, I can) to get the full story on that one...

I have met a lot of you (but probably not most?), and been out a few times since I got back to the states. I'm the lanky balding dude with 2 arms (ask any caricature artist to draw that and they probably wont be all "say no more fam", but thats all I got right now).

Trying to build the things to prototype microfluidics chips for biotechnology (ooooh that guy). This includes a spin coater, sputter coater, clean room box thing (different than a fume hood or a laminar flow hood) and a bunch of other stuff that could also be used for microchip fabrication or any cool nifty optical coatings, nanomaterials, etc...

I want to do a lot for the bio lab (have a pretty good picture at the old space from over 3 years ago of the first meeting when it was in the conceptual phase if anyone wants it :P) and get that scene up and running nicely. Maybe throw a few cool bio-related workshops. Definitely want to bring it up to be a fully functioning molecular biology lab. I used to teach chemistry and biology in Taichung, Taiwan, so I really like educating people about science.

I pretty much just nerd out on chip based biological protocols and any related chemistry or processes for fabrication all day every day. Sometimes I can pull myself away from all that long enough to eat and do people-things. If I am especially motivated I will shoot videos about what I am doing and then never edit them together. I also like landscape photography. I want to build an apparatus for taking insanely high res photos for installations where people will be able to have their entire field of vision covered at 300+dpi (probably gonna be a series of film cameras set up like the retina of an eye and a whooooole lot of drum scanning and photoshop) just because I love that feeling of actually being in a place that you cant necessarily be right then and there. VR is pretty good, but not quite what I am going for with all that.

I actually did a lot of solo traveling recently, so I guess that counts as people things too (kinda?). I am pretty aloof I guess. Some people call me smart, others call me brave, this sounds like the intro to some kind of proverbial catchphrase thing, but I cant really wrap it up cause my skill set is a growing splattered mess. Welp, now everyone knows I'm bonkers. Fun while it lasted.

Hope to see you all tonight ^_^
Prospective Member Introductions / Re: Never did the member intro.
« Last post by npolanosky on June 16, 2017, 05:21:23 PM »
I may or may not have forgotten that bit too....  :P
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