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« on: November 03, 2016, 11:40:02 PM »
Another potential member here. My name is Chuck.  8)

My hobbies range a wide spectrum. Everything from Golf, fishing, cooking, wood working, metal fab (novice welder) to modifying and racing cars.

As far as occupational experience, there's food service, theme parks, tech support, call center, engineering and currently a project manager for a utility company.

I spend most of my free time trying to cram monster engines into tiny cars just to see how fast hey can go. There's also some restoration involved too. I have a couple ideas for things I need to make and some of the tools in your shop would really come in handy... as would your membership's knowledge and experience. I was just about to build my own vacuum forming table so that's really caught my attention there. I also just bought a new TIG welder and Plasma cutter but I'm still learning the TIG. I can already use a MIG welder pretty well.

I'm the kind of guy who sees the lack of a solution as an opportunity to invent one on my own. I was looking for patent info and came across a link to the ICCF which then led me to FamiLab. I'm a graduate from Lyman and still live right around the corner, off Seminola. So your location is truly ideal for me.

I was unfortunately unable to make it to the open house on Tuesday but would like to be able to get the ball rolling toward membership before the next month's open house. Hopefully I'll be able to offer more to the group than the benefits I would surely receive.

So how can I find out more?
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Re: Greatings
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2016, 11:51:06 PM »
Welcome, fellow welder! Feel free to come to any public events/classes and/or hop on our Slack channel and introduce yourself. We have channels for everything (including welding, CNC, woodworking, etc.) and they range from not-so-busy to absolute-firehose. :)

I'm still putting our welding area back together post-Maker Faire, but it'll be new and improved once it's clean again.