Author Topic: Jesse & Dan from Pumping Station One - ANYONE AT THE LAB on 12/27?  (Read 984 times)


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Received via web form (personal contact info removed, call me for details...)

Hi guys,

Thank you both for responding.
I'm trying to register for the forum and don't seem to be receiving the confirmation email. Maybe I just need to give it more time but I don't have much time to be on the computer right now cuz I'm on family time.

I think visiting on Wednesday afternoon, or possibly after dinner would work well. Thursday is also possibility.
There would be 4 of us: I'm interested in electronics and textiles. My boyfriend Dan loves the woodshop. (We both belong to Chicago's Pumping Station One.) I'd also like to show my parents your space? since they live in the area, I think they might be interested in joining (and both are very crafty and diy.)

I'll keep trying to get onto the forum, but if you can offer any help in the meantime, it'd be appreciated.
My cell is (contact Ian for #).