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Annual Meeting
« on: October 11, 2015, 01:30:25 PM »
So, I know I'm going to forget someone, so feel free to correct me. :P  With that said, many thanks go to:

-David and Lindsay Smith for cleaning up the space and bringing in chairs
-John Cope and Lindsay Plyler for setting up the night before
-Lilith Specht, Cope, Lindsay and Lindsay, Mike Lusignan (quiet!bio!Mike), Lance, and anyone else who contributed to acquiring food, bringing food inside, setting food up, lighting sterno on fire :P , acquiring supplies, keeping the crowd moving along and fed, and cleaning up from food
-Mike King and Lance Hudson for late late late night work on the Annual Meeting presentations
-Lance for making up the Annual Report
-Tom, Lance, and Tracy for being our vote-takers
-Everyone who couldn't be there but cared enough to proxy vote
-Daniel Chateau for taking trash out in epic quantities
-All the people who came out that we don't get to see that often!
-Everyone who contributed to food
-Everyone who came out, participated, and voted

Thank you all!