Author Topic: Great Meet-U with PockyBum's help  (Read 722 times)


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Great Meet-U with PockyBum's help
« on: August 26, 2013, 12:56:58 PM »
This mention is for a 3D Printer meet-up at the Lab on August 15, which Makers had requested. I asked to piggyback the meeting. Meet times and alternatives were clearly communicated by PockyBum, and everyone was present at the appointed time. Pocky led a lively and informative session... he was overbrimming with knowledge and answered all questions. When Makers and Chris left, Pocky started up a 3D print class for my cohort Katherine and myself, moved the Ultimaker machine to a better lit space for us, gave a good class, downloaded some slicer software to my laptop, and then showed me how to use it. He's a great teacher BTW.

While I was working on preparing a second file for printing, Pocky had mentioned that a big printer in the office corner was buggy, then proceeded to move it out, and move in a bigger table and set up the better working printer... followed by more tidying up of the spaces. Then, we were treated to a mini RFID instruction.

An all-around great session! We learned a lot, and were made to feel very welcome. The most important thing, which I feel made his efforts especially awesome, is that after watching and interacting PockyBum move seamlessly from one task to the next... it rubbed off on me. For the next week plus, I found myself able to dissociate from the trap of thinking of what to do next, to just jumping in and doing things. I've been getting a lot done lately, and it feels more like it did in earlier years, a simple joy of doing... without getting bogged down by the accumulating flotsam of existence.

We're looking forward to more visits!!